Chief Executive Officer

"Colleen helped support our Executive team on a number of important initiatives (benefits, performance management…). She maintains regular contact with Senior levels within our clients and presents a personable and professional demeanor. Her positive attitude is contagious to those around her. Colleen is a very dedicated team member who is passionate about the success and growth of the company. She is always looking for ways to streamline processes and improve the support of our employees. She also plays an integral role in our extracurricular team building activities which strengthen the cohesion within our teams."

Program Manager

"I've had the pleasure of working with Colleen for 18 months ...... Colleen always went above and beyond her job duties to ensure daily operations. She is a hard working and very organized individual that would be a strong asset to any company as a senior executive assistant, office manager or equivalent."

National Sales Manager

"Colleen has proven herself to be a conscientious and responsible employee. She conducts herself with a high level of professionalism and business standards when dealing with clients. She also has the unique ability to cheer up office staff and have fun at her job.   Colleen took on many additional tasks, outside her prime responsibilities, to ensure our office was run efficiently. Colleen evidenced a strong aptitude for organization and researching needed information. She was eager to learn new tasks and was willing to spend many extra hours to achieve goals and objectives within tight timelines. This was of particular importance to our Region because of the high-pressure environment associated with a sales operation.

Colleen maintains these abilities today and has broadened her experience with higher profile employers"

Report Anaylst

"... she was an asset for client communication and her social skills. No one can beat Colleen's positive attitude and contagious laugh! She was essential to internal event planning and was always the first to volunteer her time. She is a true team player!"

Let's TAP into my knowledge to enhance your business opportunities.

Technical Writer

"Colleen consistently demonstrated a 'can do' attitude, no matter what was thrown her way. Her versatility and efficiency made her my 'go to' person whenever I had any questions and even though her schedule was jam packed, she always made time to help me when I asked. With her fantastic organizational skills and diverse experience, I can confidently say that Colleen would be a fantastic asset to any company."